Fire those glutes…and then get a rub down

After a week of being under the weather and tucked up in bed, I took to Brockwell Park on Saturday morning with my roomie Laxy for some strength and hill training. We went to boot camp together a couple of months ago and wanted to do some of the workouts that we had learnt there for strengthening our core and legs. It was such a beautiful morning that it made getting up and out a lot easier and Brockwell park certainly didn’t let us down…..lots of runners, cute dogs and PT sessions going on so it makes you feel like your not alone in getting fit.

We went for power training – 30 mins non stop and if I’m being honest I had to lie down at the end as the world went a bit spinny for a few seconds *woops* – Those burpees always get us both…! See below for our little routine and if you happen to see a blonde and brunette running up and down the hill at Brockwell on a Saturday morning and cursing burpees, it’s probably us! I also did some bed time reading before hand to make sure we were focusing on the right exercises – Paula Radcliffe’s book “How to Run” is great and really breaks things down well. I would definitely recommend it!

A bit of strength training

Deep squats (10 reps), Kettle swing 3kg (15 reps), Plank with wide steps (10 reps), Burpees (10 reps), Twisted press up (10 reps)

Between each of these, sprint up the hill to your staggered markers – we had 3 different distances and just carried on repeating until 30 minutes was up….it makes for a decent work out and a good toosh!! If you need inspiration, check out this girls work out videos…we sat and gasped for quite a while at the weekend – (of course this is how good we look in our living room first thing in the morning….)

However…my treat after our workout was a full body sports massage at On Track Sports Therapy based in Fitness First, Brixton. Amy and Isla treated me when I was injured and they were amazing so I can fully recommend their knowledge and skills. I am going to be having regular massages there in the build up to the race as I hope it’s a good way to spot any possible injuries early and be able to sort them out before they become anything that will stop me running the marathon. Amy pointed out a weakness around my knee and recommended that I focus my tennis ball massage on that area after my next run…which I did and it feels ok today 🙂 *happy face*. Amy is also running the Marathon and so we nattered about our training and talked muscles and joints…I find it all a bit fascinating *geeky hat on*

By the end of the day on Saturday my legs felt very tired so the weekend was for rest and Monday, as you will read in my next instalment was definitely all about running…

If you have any good strength exercises to share I would love to hear them….

Happy running

frankiesaysrun xxx

I am running the London Marathon for the Variety club Children’s Charity – if you would like to know more about what we do, watch this short film and see the difference the money I raise can make….

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A poorly bear….

Oh dear….it’s that horrible time of year when those pesky bugs start going around the office and I think I’ve just been got by one…

I feel blurgh…and this doesn’t help my training plan for this week as it’s running club tonight and I think my bed and a mug of hot lemon and honey is looking like the more likely option… *frustrated face*

Instead, I can focus on my strength and posture this week with some lunges and squats – It’s all about having strong Glutes!!

Interesting toosh related reading from Runners World – Glute Training

Happy running everyone – if you’re also feeling rotten, get well soon!! Fingers crossed I’ll be up and running by the end of the week.

frankiesaysrun xxx

Run in the Sun!

Sorry about the delay in blogging – After my run on Friday I had to dash off to the North and its been non stop since then! Thank you to Sam Barnes for making me feel loved this morning and reminding me that I needed to get writing… I have some lovely feedback and comments left on my blog – thank you guys!!! 😀

So, Friday I had a day off work…*smug* and what a gorgeous day it was – it was so bright and sunny that I was just dying to get out and run. I had planned my longest distance to date as I wasn’t going to be back in London in time on Sunday.

I had a very delicious smoothie before I set off (Innocent smoothie with the bobble hats – awwww) to give me a boost…and away we go!

Now…I’m sure other runners might experience the same as I did but running at a time of day that you don’t normally run, in the sunshine, can have quite the effect on how you feel and your performance….and the effect on me wasn’t good on Friday *sad face*…. I think I was a bit thrown by the fact that it was light and it was really warm once I got going so my little bod didn’t know what was going on. The week before I was all wrapped up in my burglars hat. It was all mind games to keep going and I had to stop once to try to get myself refocused – I was getting all frustrated. Once I’s had a little world with myself (ha)  I got into my stride a bit more and tried to keep up a good pace!

Once I got to the last 400m of the run I was going up hill and was determined not to bloomin’ stop… I think the people driving past me must have thought I was a bit nuts because I tend to have a little jump for joy when my Nike + trainer tells me I have reached my goal…. Well you have to celebrate the achievement, even if you are on your own!

Stretch out, roll my muscles out, eat some protein and off I dash to catch my coach – I slept pretty much all the way to Notts….knackered Frankie!

Distance: 7.02 miles

Time: 49 minutes 52

Pace: 7’06”

Weather: Autumn Sunshine 

Music: More Running Playlist – It really is mainly Tinie Tempah keeping me entertained at the moment!

This week I’ll be increasing my long run distance by 10% and focusing on some strength training as well – to top it off, I have a sports massage on Saturday morning with On Track Sports Therapy at Fitness First in Brixton….Cannot Wait!

If anyone has any really pretty running routes they would like to share with me, I’d love to hear them as I think I’m going to get sick of the sight of Clapham Common very soon….

Happy running everyone!

frankiesaysrun xxx

I look a bit like a burglar…

….but I got out and ran in the miserable weather last night. I decided to stick at 6.2 miles as I had a bad week last week and didn’t run as much as I should (naughty Frankie) I wanted to get that distance under my belt again. I did my Clapham Common, Abbeville Road, Brixton Hill route and I’ll tell you what, that hill at the end pushed me right into lactic acid pain because I really went for it… I was competing with myself a bit but I can’t help it when I’m running on my own.

I was pondering on my way round, the ways in which I can mentally get myself through the tough points of the Marathon. Obviously, running for a charity that helps children is a huge drive and I am planning on running mile 20 & 24 in memory of our friend CJ so there are already things that I can focus on if I’m struggling at these points. One idea I came up with is to break parts down into smaller chunks and pretty much pretend I’m at running club (just a really giant running club with cheerers) and focus on 6 mile chunks. The other is to choose some favourite albums and work out how long they last. I can then assign them to certain miles and lose myself in the music. My favourite album to run to at the moment is Tinie Tempah, Discovery – Frisky and Miami2Ibiza are great for keeping a steady pace… Emile Sande, Heaven, also helped me to get up Brixton Hill in a big way….Love her!!

Do have any mind games you play to keep you going? Certain tunes you run to?

I think music is a particularly personal thing for each runner but I am definitely one for a tune with a good beat and anything that inspires me…

I feel a playlist blog entry coming on….

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 46 mins

Pace: 7’32”

Weather: Cold and damp

Music: Tinie Tempah, Emeli Sande and Youngblood Brass Band

12.3 to go this week…Happy training everyone…

frankiesaysrun xxx

If you would like to donate to the Variety Club Children’s Charity, please follow the link below…thank you

The drizzle will not defeat me…

It’s Monday morning…it’s grey and drizzley – not the most inspiring of days to say the least. Tonight I will be putting on my bright pink running gear and heading out to do a 10k run…My aim this week is to do 18.5 miles in total and it begins tonight…wish me luck!

I got some great advice from my friend Lucie over the weekend which I thought I would share – She does Triathlons (what a machine) and commented on my blog about suffering from very sore muscles. Here is what she had to say “Amino acids are great for muscle recovery and really help tackle DOMS – you can get them in Holland&Barrett.” I will be heading out at lunch today to invest…

Have a great weeks training everyone – I will be updating as I go…

frankiesaysrun xx

New Socks but no Chocolate Buttons

Last night was Sweatshop Running Club and it’s been just under a week since I last ran as I was suffering from really bad pain in my calves so focused on recovering properly – the last thing I want to do is get injured this early on – I would be devastated. I’m very tired this week so pushing myself to get out and run has been challenge – luckily I have lots of people around me on  Wednesday to keep me at pace and keep me amused (Chris did a good job this week even if it is hard work laughing and running – surely it improves fitness?) The one thing I failed on massively was providing chocolate buttons for when we all got back – I need to up my game for next time. Just the multi pack mini size is the perfect treat for post running sugar hehe.

I suppose you can’t be thrilled about training every time you go out even if it is a shorter run. but I have to say at the points I just wanted to stop last night because I was being a grump, as soppy as it might sound, the reason I am running the London Marathon always comes to mind. Boys like Sam go through so much with their disabilities and are still grinning so why can’t I drag my sorry arse out and run in the cold…It’s not for my whole life so I can manage to get through it.

Before I ran this week, I did treat myself to a pair of delicious new running socks – as recommended by Mr Barnes himself – They’re Hilly Anklet socks and are mega comfortable…well worth the investment! Can they guarantee that I’ll turn into a super runner like him? I’m not sure, but I can give it a go!

After a good stretch and a glass of red wine (the pub club part) I headed home to tennis ball my muscles – its my new favourite “get rid of those pesky knots” technique after learning it at Back2Basics boot camp. It’s bloomin’ painful but the exquisite sort of pain that you know is doing you good – I focused on my calves particularly (youch) and also the arches of my feet as they’re very high and sometimes ache after a run….in the morning my little muscles felt fine…I recommend it highly and its a cheap way of massaging…Get tennis balling people!!

I’ve been getting donations is this week as well which is a great motivator when you know people are gunning for you to do well….thank you to those who have donated so far, if you’re reading this….it means a lot to me….and even more to the children that you are helping…

Distance: 5.50 miles

Time: 39.55

Pace: 7’15” (although I’m not 100% sure that’s right)

Weather: Dry and Mild

Music: None (just banter)

Over and out until Fridays run….

Thanks for reading

frankiesaysrun xxxx

The Charity I am running for: Variety Children’s Charity

Kettle Bell

I’ve just been out to buy a kettle bell for my London Marathon strength training. Me and some of the girls went to boot camp with Back2Basics up in Yorkshire about a month and among other things, got a tough lesson in the importance of core training for the Marathon – As obvious as it may sound that a strong core is vital, it can be easily forgotten and I discovered that it is something I need to work on as I have a very curved lower back. We learnt how effective the kettle bell is for both strength & endurance building and also fab for toning (woo)… It’s also cheaper than paying for the gym just to use weights – I paid £10 in Sports Direct for a 3kg weight which is perfect for getting started and I simply use it at home.

I will be practising my technique to make sure I don’t injure myself using it and I’ll let you know how I get on – all very exciting!!