Sweatshop & Sore shins…

Last night was my weekly run with Sweatshop Running Club and I have to say, on arrival, I wasn’t feeling 100% (thank you gross man for sneezing and coughing over everyone on the tube) but I really wanted to do a good run…I think the odds were against me though…

After training on Monday my legs felt a bit tired and my shins were giving me some jip (grr)… as well as that I got lost at the end of the route and didn’t end up doing the full mileage…damn it…
Trying to fool the super speedy Sam Barnes that I had in fact over taken him because I was so fast didn’t wash at all (mwahaha). He is very kindly going to give me some tips to look after my little legs through my training which I definitely need as I am known to just want to push through and carry on…NOT a good plan!!

I’m also trying to do this run without music to get used to listening to my breathing instead. As much as I love bopping along to a bit of Ri Ri, I don’t want to have to rely on it in order to keep up a good pace… We’ll see how I get on…

Question of the day: How do you beat the horrid shin pain?

Distance – 4 miles

Time – 28mins (not a happy bean)

Pace – 7:55 per mile

Weather: Drizzly – horrid wet leaves

Music – None

Oh, I got my first online donation today from my Mum and Dad…aww..thanks guys!!

If you would also like to support please check out my page http://www.justgiving.com/franklesfirstmarathon


2 thoughts on “Sweatshop & Sore shins…

  1. Horrid Shin pain….ask sweat shop to do a bare foot run practice session. It teaches you to lessen the impact on the ball of you foot which in turn pushes the energy into your shins fracturing the muscle. Bare foot running – you end up running from the middle of your foot. OR try this… run like a baby (lean forwards as if you will fall over) instead of putting your foot out to breach the fall, totter forwards on front of foot. practice it slowly. – it may help. After each run cool you shins down with ice and smooth the muscle down stroking the muscle towards your foot only. do this each time smoothing out any lumps and bumps. (this coming from a fellow shin splinter) 🙂

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