New Socks but no Chocolate Buttons

Last night was Sweatshop Running Club and it’s been just under a week since I last ran as I was suffering from really bad pain in my calves so focused on recovering properly – the last thing I want to do is get injured this early on – I would be devastated. I’m very tired this week so pushing myself to get out and run has been challenge – luckily I have lots of people around me on  Wednesday to keep me at pace and keep me amused (Chris did a good job this week even if it is hard work laughing and running – surely it improves fitness?) The one thing I failed on massively was providing chocolate buttons for when we all got back – I need to up my game for next time. Just the multi pack mini size is the perfect treat for post running sugar hehe.

I suppose you can’t be thrilled about training every time you go out even if it is a shorter run. but I have to say at the points I just wanted to stop last night because I was being a grump, as soppy as it might sound, the reason I am running the London Marathon always comes to mind. Boys like Sam go through so much with their disabilities and are still grinning so why can’t I drag my sorry arse out and run in the cold…It’s not for my whole life so I can manage to get through it.

Before I ran this week, I did treat myself to a pair of delicious new running socks – as recommended by Mr Barnes himself – They’re Hilly Anklet socks and are mega comfortable…well worth the investment! Can they guarantee that I’ll turn into a super runner like him? I’m not sure, but I can give it a go!

After a good stretch and a glass of red wine (the pub club part) I headed home to tennis ball my muscles – its my new favourite “get rid of those pesky knots” technique after learning it at Back2Basics boot camp. It’s bloomin’ painful but the exquisite sort of pain that you know is doing you good – I focused on my calves particularly (youch) and also the arches of my feet as they’re very high and sometimes ache after a run….in the morning my little muscles felt fine…I recommend it highly and its a cheap way of massaging…Get tennis balling people!!

I’ve been getting donations is this week as well which is a great motivator when you know people are gunning for you to do well….thank you to those who have donated so far, if you’re reading this….it means a lot to me….and even more to the children that you are helping…

Distance: 5.50 miles

Time: 39.55

Pace: 7’15” (although I’m not 100% sure that’s right)

Weather: Dry and Mild

Music: None (just banter)

Over and out until Fridays run….

Thanks for reading

frankiesaysrun xxxx

The Charity I am running for: Variety Children’s Charity


3 thoughts on “New Socks but no Chocolate Buttons

  1. I seriously just did a search on Cadbury buttons wondering if I could get them delivered… The things I look forward to after a run. Anyway, awesome cause that you are running for! I am running for the Marathon Strides Against MS in the spring. Good luck with your fundraising!

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