I look a bit like a burglar…

….but I got out and ran in the miserable weather last night. I decided to stick at 6.2 miles as I had a bad week last week and didn’t run as much as I should (naughty Frankie) I wanted to get that distance under my belt again. I did my Clapham Common, Abbeville Road, Brixton Hill route and I’ll tell you what, that hill at the end pushed me right into lactic acid pain because I really went for it… I was competing with myself a bit but I can’t help it when I’m running on my own.

I was pondering on my way round, the ways in which I can mentally get myself through the tough points of the Marathon. Obviously, running for a charity that helps children is a huge drive and I am planning on running mile 20 & 24 in memory of our friend CJ so there are already things that I can focus on if I’m struggling at these points. One idea I came up with is to break parts down into smaller chunks and pretty much pretend I’m at running club (just a really giant running club with cheerers) and focus on 6 mile chunks. The other is to choose some favourite albums and work out how long they last. I can then assign them to certain miles and lose myself in the music. My favourite album to run to at the moment is Tinie Tempah, Discovery – Frisky and Miami2Ibiza are great for keeping a steady pace… Emile Sande, Heaven, also helped me to get up Brixton Hill in a big way….Love her!!

Do have any mind games you play to keep you going? Certain tunes you run to?

I think music is a particularly personal thing for each runner but I am definitely one for a tune with a good beat and anything that inspires me…

I feel a playlist blog entry coming on….

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 46 mins

Pace: 7’32”

Weather: Cold and damp

Music: Tinie Tempah, Emeli Sande and Youngblood Brass Band

12.3 to go this week…Happy training everyone…

frankiesaysrun xxx

If you would like to donate to the Variety Club Children’s Charity, please follow the link below…thank you



6 thoughts on “I look a bit like a burglar…

  1. A nice burglar tho 🙂
    I guess I used mind trickery when i used to do Duke of E… I used to tell myself next corner! (then like a gold fish) say oops next corner! When i would run I loved listening to Pink Floyd and Dolly Parton *ahem totally different but the easy beat would keep my legs going. why not assign a letter of the alphabet with each mile? 26 letters 26 miles. So basically mathematically speaking every 7.4 mins have a song that spurs the next mile…that way you are definitley on to a possible 4hr marker or less. 🙂

  2. Easiest thing I do if I want to do a varied length fartlek with recovery is to choose a number and run hard until that number of cars have overtaken you. For every car you overtake add it back onto your current number. This also works well at the end of a long run when you feel like walking.

  3. Hi Frankie,

    I don’t know if this will help you but it certainley gets me through my long runs (training for a 50mile run next April). I have to break my runs down into small manageable chunks otherwise you go “how the hell can i run xx miles!” so i think of it as a warm up (3/4 miles) then just another 6miles (or whatever it is) (all the time telling myself i do 6 miles all the time and its totally acheiveable) then i allow myself a little slower run for a mile before finishing off my main run and allowing myself a two mile(or so) cool down.

    That way you rack up the miles but it doesn’t seem like it!

  4. Helllooo…. well done on your training Frankie… I would go with the music thing..well I’ve just been doing 5k in the gym and I push myself to go faster by running faster till the end of the song, then i carry it on for another song, then another… its rubbish when a slow song comes on ha! your doing really well and its all for a good cause, so keep it up 🙂 x

  5. Music is a massive help to me. I always try and change the music I’m listening to. To be honest I’ve never run a marathon before, and its always a struggle trying to keep focused during a run. I like the idea of running specific miles for something. Breaking it down works for me too. I also prefer running a course I don’t have to run parts of twice. that way everything is new!! Good luck with the training…

    • Thanks Russell – I’ve been adding good tunes to my playlist and deleting them if I don’t get on with them on a run. It’s all trial and error I think…I was finishing a 9.5 miler yesterday and arrived at a hill…Run the World came on…now that is a good pick me up tune 🙂 Thanks for the feedback…x

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