Run in the Sun!

Sorry about the delay in blogging – After my run on Friday I had to dash off to the North and its been non stop since then! Thank you to Sam Barnes for making me feel loved this morning and reminding me that I needed to get writing… I have some lovely feedback and comments left on my blog – thank you guys!!! 😀

So, Friday I had a day off work…*smug* and what a gorgeous day it was – it was so bright and sunny that I was just dying to get out and run. I had planned my longest distance to date as I wasn’t going to be back in London in time on Sunday.

I had a very delicious smoothie before I set off (Innocent smoothie with the bobble hats – awwww) to give me a boost…and away we go!

Now…I’m sure other runners might experience the same as I did but running at a time of day that you don’t normally run, in the sunshine, can have quite the effect on how you feel and your performance….and the effect on me wasn’t good on Friday *sad face*…. I think I was a bit thrown by the fact that it was light and it was really warm once I got going so my little bod didn’t know what was going on. The week before I was all wrapped up in my burglars hat. It was all mind games to keep going and I had to stop once to try to get myself refocused – I was getting all frustrated. Once I’s had a little world with myself (ha)  I got into my stride a bit more and tried to keep up a good pace!

Once I got to the last 400m of the run I was going up hill and was determined not to bloomin’ stop… I think the people driving past me must have thought I was a bit nuts because I tend to have a little jump for joy when my Nike + trainer tells me I have reached my goal…. Well you have to celebrate the achievement, even if you are on your own!

Stretch out, roll my muscles out, eat some protein and off I dash to catch my coach – I slept pretty much all the way to Notts….knackered Frankie!

Distance: 7.02 miles

Time: 49 minutes 52

Pace: 7’06”

Weather: Autumn Sunshine 

Music: More Running Playlist – It really is mainly Tinie Tempah keeping me entertained at the moment!

This week I’ll be increasing my long run distance by 10% and focusing on some strength training as well – to top it off, I have a sports massage on Saturday morning with On Track Sports Therapy at Fitness First in Brixton….Cannot Wait!

If anyone has any really pretty running routes they would like to share with me, I’d love to hear them as I think I’m going to get sick of the sight of Clapham Common very soon….

Happy running everyone!

frankiesaysrun xxx


7 thoughts on “Run in the Sun!

  1. hey hun, running in the sunshine…do it more; as remember you were wearing shorts April ’11. it could rain or be dam hot- so make sure your lil’bod is used to it.

    routes- have a look at website “map my run” people post up there routes where they live. i used it when i went on runs during my lunch break.

    hugs xx

  2. Be careful and be aware that running at different times if you are not used to it can also affect/effect other body functions that certainly won’t be making you jump for joy.

  3. I can’t emphasise how useful Map My Run is! I used it all the time when I was training last year… also, it’s free!!!

    • You will just become more attuned to how your body reacts to the time you eat, the time you run and how this affects your running, your digestive system & your bowels.

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