A poorly bear….

Oh dear….it’s that horrible time of year when those pesky bugs start going around the office and I think I’ve just been got by one…

I feel blurgh…and this doesn’t help my training plan for this week as it’s running club tonight and I think my bed and a mug of hot lemon and honey is looking like the more likely option… *frustrated face*

Instead, I can focus on my strength and posture this week with some lunges and squats – It’s all about having strong Glutes!!

Interesting toosh related reading from Runners World – Glute Training

Happy running everyone – if you’re also feeling rotten, get well soon!! Fingers crossed I’ll be up and running by the end of the week.

frankiesaysrun xxx


1 thought on “A poorly bear….

  1. Just had an inspirational thought about how to increase your speed. Dress up as a deer and go for a walk in Richmond park. When you hear his masters voice, that’s when you need to start running “Feeeeeenton – oh Jesus Christ”!!!

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