A poorly bear….

Oh dear….it’s that horrible time of year when those pesky bugs start going around the office and I think I’ve just been got by one…

I feel blurgh…and this doesn’t help my training plan for this week as it’s running club tonight and I think my bed and a mug of hot lemon and honey is looking like the more likely option… *frustrated face*

Instead, I can focus on my strength and posture this week with some lunges and squats – It’s all about having strong Glutes!!

Interesting toosh related reading from Runners World – Glute Training

Happy running everyone – if you’re also feeling rotten, get well soon!! Fingers crossed I’ll be up and running by the end of the week.

frankiesaysrun xxx


One thought on “A poorly bear….

  1. Just had an inspirational thought about how to increase your speed. Dress up as a deer and go for a walk in Richmond park. When you hear his masters voice, that’s when you need to start running “Feeeeeenton – oh Jesus Christ”!!!

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